Mission Statement

Welcome to ObsessionCraft Minecraft server website. To enter the website you need to register first. To see what kind of community we have, you can first join our minecraft server in the same address. Happy gaming!

*Incoming Message From The Big Giant Fish!*
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Hello everyone!
It’s about time that I have spoken up and made some content.

I first wanted to thank Amikaze for all his support with setting up the server. This was a lot more involved then originally thought. This would NOT have been successful without his dedication and knowledge so if you see him around give him his due thanks!

Also I welcome our old friends who have begun playing and adventuring out into this new awesome world. This server aims to bring a NEW experience to what you may be accustomed to so be sure to read all the details below. I hope you enjoy your stay. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions please let me or amikaze know.

Next I want to address what our mission statement is with the launch of the server quickly approaching. As mentioned above this server aims to bring some new ideas to the table. Let’s start with the name of the server, Obsession Craft, is targeted to an audience of those who are utterly crazy about the MineCraft experience. Whether its building highly detailed buildings, socializing, being a spectator, mining, creating complex redstone contraptions, combat, we target a wide audience. I however want to emphasize that we are a mature adult community. If you are younger this server may not be fun for you. If you don’t think you would enjoy participating in an occasional political or current event related conversation then you may want to look somewhere else. I want to see everyone have fun playing MineCraft regardless of what server you play on.

Since we aim to establish a community of players who enjoy building detailed things we have a lot of new policies and features tailored for your playing style.

* A Dedicated Server for our Dedicated Players!
The world is loaded onto an ultra fast ramdisk!
2x Intel Xeon W3520 8MB cache
2.66 GHz - 2.93 GHz Boost
(2 CPU for 8 Physical Cores 8 Logical (HT) Cores = 16 total cores!)
24GB 1600 Mhz DDR3
2 TB SATA 2 ( Raid )

* GONE are the days of throwing out old maps when MineCraft updates. That’s right. Your creations are here to stay. The new world format makes seamless additions to old worlds. When a significant map changing addition is entered we will expand the world size and migrate the spawn to the new area with the new blocks, biomes. Then we will then lay down a line around the old areas so players will know what area they are in and version type that map was generated in. Also warps to old/new areas will be created for public use. This promotes expansion and new growth in undeveloped territory. Unless we experience severe world corruption or other critical problem the map stays.

* No waiting months for “Recommended” bucket builds and there will be no grief periods. We will update the server as soon as we have working methods of grief protection and a bukkit that works for our needs as long as there are no serious crippling bugs. We backup everything before committing to an update. The bukkit team suggests that server owners take this approach as it can take months to reach a recomended build.

* FULLY generated / rendered HD world to explore in DYNMAP. http://obsessioncraft.com:8123 The DYNMAP is fully HD rendered in 8 rotatable directions, HD night view, HD Cave View, and overhead view as well as HD maps for the nether and the end. Let’s see those other cheapie VPS servers even attempt to do this. I wanted to give everyone a really good map to use so that you could show off your creations anywhere at any time without needing to be logged on the game. I hope this will encourage everyone to step up their build quality because now the world is watching what awesome things you are making. Another reason for the highly detailed map is to give access to those who cannot play the game for what ever reasons. Now our community is only a click away. Don’t disappear if you can’t be home at the pc! We are right here waiting for you. We also permit chatting in DYNMAP. If you login the server the DYNMAP will automatically associate your user name with your IP address so everyone will know whose talking.

* No donating for a rank. I pay for the server out of my pocket every month. I will not give a rank for donating to the server. This makes obtaining staff a thorough decision making process and not a sellout. Better staff = Better server.

* Staff and admins also have to “PLAY” the game too. That’s right! Admin and mod commands are only for fixing and repairing the server and city setup reasons. This includes world edit. No more building diamond houses in creative mode just because you have the ability. This is a survival map. We will permit limited creative style game play for admins as long as it’s properly regioned so no one can steal the spawned blocks. I don’t want to overshadow the players who legitly build great things with this “admin craft”. I will discuss this with the staff and see how to properly implement a “Play Positive” policy and region rules so everyone will enjoy playing whatever style they want. This server is intended to bring back the original survival game and all its glory. A fully creative map may come in the near future. We might just clone the current world over to a new creative mode one and have an application process to play on it to prevent easy griefing. On the to-do list!

* We have a multiverse flat world dedicated for large redstone contraptions, foolery, and admincraft. We have many players who like to build excessively large creations which don’t belong in the main world. This gives you a large space to build without interruption and without regard to the terrain. This world is also upgrade proof! Like I mentioned before if you build it here it’s going to stay regardless of any MineCraft updates.

* iConomy, We wanted there to be a way for players to trade things they don’t need to others to make those buildings they dream of. This may make getting things easier and reduce the amount of work you need to do to build something… at a price of course!

* Death insurance. You can buy death insurance so that you don’t drop items on death using iConomy money. The details are being worked on.

* No More AFK Fish. I’m here taking charge. Like I said before I pay out of my pocket for this dedicated server with no financial assistance. This makes the server a little more personal to me so let that be my promise to you that I will be a dedicated owner. My Play times are usually about 3:30 AM EST till about 12:00 PM EST

Thank you for reading through my long introduction to the server and hope to see you there.